Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Looking At You, Brookline

I'll have a real post later, maybe on this topic, maybe on another one. This right here however is a bona-fide urgent call to action.

See, I'm so mad about this Treasury bailout plan that I'm actually writing to/calling my Congresspeople. Which is all well and good, and everyone else should too.

But if you live in Brookline, MA you should *really* call your congress person, because your congress person is Barney Frank. If you're not familiar with Mr. Frank, you should know two things:

1). He's awesome, and
2). He's the fucking Chairman of the Financial Services Committee.

Yes! He could singlehandedly derail this whole stupid treasury push. Only right now he doesn't seem inclined to. So you have to get off your ass and e-mail/call/singing telegram him, okay?

Here's the link.

Come on. I don't ask for much.

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