Monday, December 10, 2007

While the newsroom has a hernia, I might as well update ye olde blog thing.

> Libby Drops Appeal! I gave this a red headline, and frankly I'm not sure why. Whoo hoo! Libby is officially a convict! That's totally going to hurt him when he applies to work at Blockbuster. You know, at least until Bush pardons him at the end of his term.

My favorite part is the lawyer's ridiculous attempts to make a victim out of Libby. Oh dear! Did you know this trial was too great a burden for his poor wife and kids? I mean, I know how they feel. When my dad kept fighting his conviction even though he'd already been let off the hook by the President, I know I was heavily burdened. I'd wake up at night screaming, "Why god, why?!" For a while, I could barely keep down solid food.

> Speaking of utterly ridiculous things, time for your Chavez update! We've all seen our share of crazy things done by foreign leaders. But it's tough to get crazier than making your own time zone.

You read that right. Hugo Chavez has ordered every clock in Venezuela turned back 30 min. Apparently, this is a jab at the United States. I think when Hugo Chavez orders his coffee in the morning, he believes he is insulting the United States. "Yes, I want two creams - two creams, I say! And no sugar! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT MR. BUSH?!"

> While we're in our seemingly daily "crazy shit done by dodgy foreign leaders" segment, I feel obligated to bring this Pakistan story to your attention. Not because it's anything earth-shaking or anything, but because it contains the following amazing quote:
Musharraf also defended his recent actions, and scolded those outside Pakistan who he said do not grasp the enormity of the country's problems. "They appear to be thinking that in the developing countries there is no law and there is all dictatorship," he said.
Man, do I feel dumb for appearing to be thinking that. Where in the world would I have gotten a crazy idea like that?

> Scary thing? I was planning to include this very technology in a comic book soon, believing I'd conceived a pretty nifty piece of imaginary-yet-plausible tech. Now, it's a real world terrifying piece of privacy invasion poised to drive us all insane.

Don't you love science?

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