Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm Back! Also, Genocide, Flying Cars

You know, virtually every insignificant blog on the internet's first post is, "Gee, sorry it's been a while between posts." Then, they usually tell you about their dog/mother/girlfriend's kidney transplant/engagement/coke binge and promise it'll never happen again. And that post is usually like a year old. So, I'm going to skip that part okay?

>First up! Never, never, NEVER underestimate the stupidity or sleaziness of legislators. How did this meeting get off the ground? Hey guys, I've got a great idea, why don't we pass a resolution that has absolutely no point except to piss off a major ally in an ongoing war!

Of course, you only need to read the AP version to figure it out. "The committee's vote was a triumph for well-organized Armenian-American interest groups who have lobbied Congress for decades to pass a resolution." Translation: Some Armenians paid someone in congress lots of money to put out this stupid resolution. They also probably bought some votes. But most of the votes probably came because people didn't want to be on record as denying a genocide. And for the same reason, it'll probably pass in the House.

But that won't really matter right? NATO's second-biggest army, which happens to be our main staging point for the Iraq war and safest Mid-East ally wouldn't really forsake us over something that happened 90+ years ago, right?

Take it away again, AP: "
After France voted last year to make it a crime to deny the killings were genocide, the Turkish government ended its military ties with that country."


Maybe some of you are thinking, "Wait a second Kev, wasn't what happened in 1915 actually a genocide? Aren't maybe legislators just following their consciences? Haven't 20 countries already passed legislation like this?"

And yeah, all that is true. And yeah, I admit, I'm kind of prone to idealism too. But think about it like this: Imagine another country's legislators sat down and spent actual time, on their actual public salary and voted to officially recognize America's slaughter of the entire indigenous population of the continental United States as a genocide. How do you think our leaders would react?

You, me, we might shake our head and say, "Well, this nation did participate in maybe the most breathtaking act of genocide on record. Probably it was worse than the Holocaust. Can't deny it." But something tells me mainstream America isn't quite ready for that.

Look, it was 90 years ago. No one who did it is still alive. Why in god's name would you piss off a major ally over something that happened in World War ONE?

Oh right. Because some Armenian paid you to.

Moving on.

> And now for something completely awesome.

Really I have nothing to say about it. Just oggle the cool picture and dream about the future okay?

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