Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Welcome to the Citizen-Monitored Police State. Also, Korean Nukes and Women Drivers

Okay, long Newser shift to digest, but here are the highlights:

-> Hey, who do you trust more, the US and Israel or Syria and North Korea? Is it bad that I had to think about this for couple minutes? Note to Syria, I'd have an easier time believing your angry denial via state-run newspaper, except that I suddenly remembered you have a state-run newspaper. Moving on...

-> If you don't think you care about women's rights in the Middle East, try reading up on their latest quest for the right to drive. The part where my head explodes is:

"Conservatives argue that if women were allowed to drive, they would be able to mix freely with men."

It's reading something like that that makes you go, "Hold on, what's wrong with that? Wait a second... you people really have some crazy belief that women are not equal to men, don't you? We are absolutely never going to understand each other, are we?"

-> Did you know Iraqis really hate private mercenaries running loose over their country with no legal standing? I didn't know that. I wasn't sure how to feel about this story, until I found that last link in the "Related Links" section. Blackwater, apparently is Bush's secret, unregulated mercenary Christian army. I don't know how accurate that assessment is. But I think I'm going to hate them, just in case.

-> And finally, I didn't cover it, but have you seen this video from a recent John Kerry event in Florida? The student got up, and asked some admittedly sort of paranoid questions, like "If there was so much voter fraud in 2004, how come you didn't protest it," and "Isn't it true that you were in the same secret society as President Bush in college?" And then look what fucking happened!

Like I said, the questions were a little paranoid, but nothing you or I wouldn't talk about in private. Reading the AP report, you'd think he brought it on himself. But watch the video! As soon as his time is up, the kid waves his hand in resignation, he looks about ready to sit down and the cops pounce on him.

Watch the whole thing. See if your blood doesn't curdle. You can hear him tell the cops, "I'll walk out of here." You can hear him beg them not to tazer him. But they do anyway, even though he's clearly on the ground and not a threat anyway.

And they want to charge the poor bastard with a felony! For what? As he asks, loudly, the entire time, "What did I do? What are you arresting me for?" Watching this video, it's sort of hard to believe what's happening in front of your eyes.

Here's the part I find fascinating though. As the cops go to arrest him, the incredulous student asks, "Is anybody watching this?" And the answer is, yes. A lot of people were. Swing over to YouTube, and you can find umpteen angles of this confrontation. This is the society we live in. Whenever something interesting looks like it's happening 100 cell phone cameras come out. I've seen a lot of people on the internet complaining that everyone just sat around, but come on, what would you have done, started a riot? In the 21st century, what concerned observers do is bear witness. We record, and we broadcast, so that shit like the AP story with it's official version of events aren't all we have.

We live in a police state, except the citizenry has the police under constant surveillance. Think about that for a minute.

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Erika said...

Spakman, look up the other videos the taser bro's made and you'll realize that he's a fing moron. He wanted to get a violent reaction. He goes for it every time. Were the security forces incorrect in their actions? Yes. Did the kid who got tasered deserve it? Yea, but not for the lame ass questions.

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