Monday, June 11, 2007

Don't Read My Blog

I don't care if you don't read this blog.

Really, I don't. I mean, there will, in theory be all kinds of lovely content on here, all jam packed with the deranged rantings of yours truly. So if you don't bookmark the page, subscribe to the RSS, get down on your knees and thank the sweet god you found this misbegotten piece of cyberspace, well, you're the one missing out.

All the same, I honestly won't blame you if you decide not to do that stuff, for one simple reason: I have no fucking clue what this blog is about.

See, I need to start blogging. I know this. I just don't know what I want to blog about. So this blog is mostly like blog training wheels. I'm going to post shit about anything and everything I feel like talking about: Comic books, baseball, politics, slam poetry, business, game design, books, and the ever-popular random weird-ass shit, quite possibly other things too demented to occur to me right now. And I am going to dump all of it right here in this space and see what happens.

Here are the odds, as Vegas would list them, were Vegas aware of my existence:

1-1 - I get bored after three posts and abandon this forever
4-1 - I actually pick a topic or two and start one or two real type blogs once I've gotten the hand of it.
50-1 - I gain an actual audience of some kind
100-1 - I find something more useful to do with my time
1,000,000-1 - I discover tge secret god of the internet and enslave him with my magical mind powers and make him give me pizza.

I'm not saying any of that would happen - honestly if Vegas were stupid enough to give me even money on me, and I was not me so that it wouldn't be cheap for me to bet on it, I would put my bottom dollar there. Then the person who was me would work hard just to screw me because that's the way my luck works, or would work if I was this theoretical other betting gentleman who is not me.

Ready? Ready. Let the futility begin.

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